I just wanted to let everyone at The Village know that Dave and myself and our youngest daughter truly love it here and we are blessed to be living in this community! The Village is very unique for many reasons and is unlike any other community on Lake Martin. The community itself is beautiful and so well planned out and every home is perfectly placed right down to the landscaping throughout the whole community. Brian you did an amazing job! You nailed it! Thank you! We love the pools and the fitness center and are especially grateful for the amenities we have here, again like no other place on the lake. Everyone I’ve met is so nice and kind, Heather, Lindsey, and Brandon at the office have been so accommodating to all my questions and very helpful! They made me feel at home! The landscapers keep this community looking amazing and it’s always so nice to drive through and see their smiling faces and waving hello! I thank them for all their hard work and effort because this place really shines because of all the hard work they put into make it amazing looking! I’ve met some of them and they’re super nice guys! Thank you for all you do guys The Village stands out on Lake Martin! I just wanted to let everyone know how much we love it at The Village and couldn’t be happier we made the right decision to move here from Chicago! Keep up the amazing work because it doesn’t go unnoticed and thank you for being so welcoming to my family and myself! Happy Monday y’all!

Liza & Dave Bucholz

My husband and I sold our 7 acre home in Prattville last March and decided to lease a home in The Village for a year to “test” the lake life. Needless to say, we have fallen in love with the neighborhood and are set to close on our own home in May.

Occasionally, I will drive into Auburn “the big city” as I call it, to do some shopping, but can’t wait to return home to the peacefulness, tranquility, and beautiful lake views that have now become our home. Not even a rainy day can spoil a day in The Village.

Brian, Brandon, Christi and Mindy have been so easy and enjoyable to work with. The amenities are top notch, as well as all of the Astrata employees. It’s so nice to live in a neighborhood where your kids can actually go outside and play without any cause for worry. We have lived in Virginia, Texas, Atlanta and Florida and have never felt more at home and had so many wonderful friends.

The Village is now our permanent home and we look forward to many years of enjoying “The Simple Life!”

Britt Higman